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Strategic Planning Services

In order to put a viable and actionable plan into place for your agency where all the key constituents are working as a team and from the same page, there are several steps to take before everyone has the final copy in hand and everyone is clear about their assignments. 

Let's talk about those steps, and let's make sure that we talk about your vision, and your team, so that we can tell how much work we will have in front of us before we can put a great plan in place.

Basic Human Resources Toolbox

In order to accomplish the agency's greatest vision, you'll need a great team that is motivated for all of the right reasons, working in their areas of strength, willing to work on their own personal and professional development, and who demonstrate excellent team-building skills, like good listening, trustworthiness, and willing to work beyond silos in order to help the whole agency. We want to set you up with a simple toolbox that will help you staff your vision properly. Let's talk about what's in the toolbox and how to use it well. 

Team Coaching

Ever wonder why you tend to worker harder and longer than everyone else on your team, or have you wondered why you're putting out fires and settling too many disputes? Hey, let's get you a team of high performers who know what their job is and who are willing to take full responsibility to get results for the organization.  Here we get to use the tools in the toolbox and start building a culture of high performance, trust, and teamwork.

Money and More Money

No doubt, youll need money to get this all done, and so we want to develop a fund-raising plan that works and is such that every member of your team takes a part in its success. Fund-raising really is everyone's job.

So once we know your fund-raising goals we can begin to consider all the possible sources of funds, and we'll set some practical methods that work. Can I encourage you? This is not hard. It won't take long before you see your revenues rise.

Leader's Coaching

In order for you to succeed and to be happy - really happy - we will get you and your team working well together so that you're able to spend your time on what will yield the most advantage for your agency. And first we will make sure you have everything you need in order to lead well. Let's face it, sometimes we leaders just don't put taking care of ourselves as high enough a priority. Unless you are feeling strong and encouraged, resourced, and supported, your team will not perform well and your organization will stagnate.

Marketing Your Project

You may be sitting on a goldmine that just needs an excellent marketing plan to make that gold a reality. This could be a curriculum, a book, a workshop, a video course, or another project on which you've invested a lot of your soul, and you know that it is high value because you've seen it make a positive impact in other people's lives. Shouldn't we then try and get that into more peoples' hands so they too can receive the benefit from your project!